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Now internet is a basic need and this is why, all of the people use it. Many organization and people are connected with world and they made up their business on internet. That is why, they have to use internet always. Smartphone and tablet PC have been launched with Wi-Fi facility which makes internet connection cheaper. You need to use a cable or broadband internet connection and you have to buy a router which can convert the wired internet connection to Wi-Fi connection. Through the Wi-Fi connection, it is very easy to use internet in multiple devices and wireless devices. In this article, we will talk about -t command.
You can order router online or you can purchase the router from local store. In the store, you will get many products at different price and different router range. You have to think that what router supports your area. You can purchase router from any router brand that you like Airnet, Philips, planet, Senao, Zyxel etc. However, you should learn how to secure your Wi-Fi connection and setup internet connection. You can easily use many methods for learning troubleshooting and finding router problems first. Everything is very easy to do and this article will help you to find the solution quick.
Different routers use different IP address as default. Many routers including Airnet, Philips, planet, Senao, Zyxel use IP address as default. You need to find out the default username and password from the router manual. The default IP address has many works and you should use the IP address safe. With the default IP address, you can check router connectivity. The default IP address can be changed and if you have changed the default IP address, then you need to use that manual IP address for login to the router and checking connectivity of the router.
We assume that the default IP address is remained same and no one changed the default IP address. If you want to use this IP address with ping, then you need to use this command “ping” or “ping -t”. The command “ping -t” is a continuous ping command and it is very powerful. Usually, experts suggest users to use default IP address and use continuous ping command “ping -t”. You can easily identify many information quick from the continuous ping command. This is very wonderful way to get update information of your router connection.
Remember, the ping command for those router is “ping -t”. You need to use this command on the CMD, then you will get quick feedback from the computer. But if you use only -t, then you will wrong message and you must get any expected feedback what you should get. If you get error message, then you should check the command. If you have typed -t, then you should fix the command. You should use IP address with ping like “ping -t”. Otherwise, you cannot fix the router problem or identify the problem.
The continues ping is made with a ping by adding with -t. The ping command provides continuous information of connectivity with the router and computer. By the continuous ping command “ping -t”, you will get continuous information of every second. Some people are every eager to know the difference between the continuous ping command and a ping. If you use a ping command “ping”, then you will get the result for one and after giving the summery of the router. The command process will not be stopped. But in the continuous ping command will not be stopped auto until you command to stop.
You need to open Command prompt page and you can open this page from the start menu. You need to type the CMD on the run button and hit the enter button for opening an account. When the Command prompt page will run, then you need to use command “ping -t”. If you do not know the correct IP address of the router, then you should use “ipconfig” command. Now you can see the default gateway of the router and you can learn of the default IP address of the router.
The continuous ping provides many information which you need to know. But you have to use “ping -t”.
The Continues ping command provides the consistence of the report and you will see the message of “reply from, byte=, time=, TTL=” for the IP address “Request timed out” message and “…. Request timed out: Destination host unreachable”. There are various reasons to get those messages. The report from the continuous ping is “reply from, byte=*, time=*, TTL=*” and you will get available for the connection or reply from the router. You need to know the router can send or receive data from computer package. So, the connection is currently ok.
The message “Request timed out” means that when the connection is unreachable and then you will get the “Request timed out”. You can use the ping command with the website address and you have to check the internet connectivity to identify the router problem or the Wi-Fi connection. If you get same message again and again, then internet connection is not available. The message “…. Request timed out: Destination host unreachable” message becomes visible when the router with the IP address is unavailable or unreachable. You should check all of the cable connections and check power cable to find the problem of the router and cable. “Unknown host” usually come with the similar type problem.
Now You should check the router by other computer or you can connect another router with this computer to check the computer. Now you check the router and computer connection with the ping command “ping -t”. Now you can check and identify the problem of the router and find out the solution of the computer or router. If you find computer is work properly, then the router has the problem. If you cannot solve the problem, you should take it to the vendor. If your router is ok, then you should check the computer. You should check the computer with antivirus. Make sure that the antivirus is updated. You should not open the router device if you think the problem of the router is inside. If the computer or the router has any problem and you cannot identify that then you should consult with the vendor or the experts who can suggest you properly. The firewall may block the IP address and you need to identify the correct problem. You can read manual to know more.